What is SEO?

SEO is the art and science of positioning your website at the top of search engine results.

There are three major aspects to SEO: on page, off page, and technical. On page SEO optimizes your content for certain keywords to ensure that search engines understand the nature of your website. Off page SEO builds links and trust signals to your site so that search engines give it a high ranking. Technical SEO includes speed optimization, rank tracking, site map submissions, and other techno-maneuvering that helps you outpace the competition.

We only use “white hat” SEO techniques that are approved by Google. Using “black hat” techniques may offer quick results, but deploying sketchy tactics can lead to punishments down the road or even having your site de-listed from search engines.

No magic bullet exists for shooting your website to the top of search results. SEO is one part of an integrated marketing strategy that will show search engines that your brand is strong and trustworthy.

Google, Bing and Yahoo all share the same goal: to show their users relevant and trustworthy results for any given search query. Pangaea Web Services convinces search engines that your website is the most relevant and most trustworthy result.

Our Proven Process

What terms will people use to search for a business like yours? There’s no point in emphasizing a search term that nobody will ever use.

In this step, we can gauge relevant keywords and assess their ranking difficulty. We then create a strategy for targeting search terms that will bring results.
We now optimize your pages so that search engines will understand your content and know when to display your page in the search results.
In this step we make sure all the relevant details have been submitted to Google. We then ensure your page loads lightning fast, and runs without error.
Off page SEO builds backlinks, whereby other websites link to your website. (When this happens, Google interprets the connection as a vote of confidence for your website). To boost visibility in this way, we create articles and blog content that answers specific questions that people ask online. Pangaea then spreads this content out to the world. Off page is the most challenging and long-term aspect of SEO.
Finally, we continue to create great content, improve on existing content, and watch as your website and business grow in tandem.

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