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Why do you want a website? When asked this question, most business owners will say something like “because every business needs a website,” “to look like a professional business," or “to share my message.”

Most people are not aware of the potential of their website. Are you looking for more conversions? Greater business visibility? A platform for clients to book appointments? Or do you need a simple way to deliver content to existing clients?

We don’t just build websites. We build tools that drive sales, simplify your process and get the word out like nothing else can. Better still, your website works for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

All of our designs are fully custom. We do not use set themes or templated design sets. Each Pangaea website is completely unique, just like our clients’ businesses.
Mobile Friendly
Results Driven
S.E.O. Optimized
Lightning Fast
Great Looking
User Accessible

The keys to an effective website

When somebody arrives at your website, they only care about one thing: what’s in it for them? Pangaea Web Services showcases customer benefits right up front. Take yourself, for example. Do you really want to buy a website? No! You want the benefits that come from owning a website, like increased sales, leads, and conversions.
Once people learn about the benefits your products or service will offer, they will ask why they should trust you to deliver those benefits. We demonstrate social proof (such as customer reviews and your qualifications) to drive home your value, expertise, and trustworthiness. Promoting these qualities increases your chances of landing those all-important clients.
Once a visitor decides they want to use your service, we will make it a snap for them to become clients by providing clear calls to action. These take the form of booking calendars, “get a quote” forms, or simply a large “call now” button.

By defining your goals from the start, we create a process to guide your potential clients through those all-important steps towards becoming actual clients.

Our process delivers great websites.
Every. Single. Time.

    In this process, we consult with you and create a plan. What will make this project a success? What is special about your business that needs to be highlighted? How can we make your business as attractive as possible?
    Next, we will gain an understanding of your industry by thoroughly researching the competition in your market. We will also use paid software such as to create a keyword strategy. This step is the foundation for creating great content that converts.
    Using the information we discovered in the previous two steps, we will put together a blueprint for your website (called a wireframe). The wireframe defines page structure, information architecture, and user flow.
    Now we develop design elements: colour scheme, graphics, logos, fonts, etc. This is the part of the process that most lay-people associate with web designers. We make you look good.
    Once the design is complete, we turn our plans into a functional website. This is where we “geek out” and bring your website to life.
    After the website is complete, we unleash it upon the internet! Here, we finally see the fruits of our hard work.
    Now that we have a solid foundation to build upon, we can embark on a marketing campaign to bring your brand to the world.

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