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Derived from Greek and meaning "all the Earth", Pangaea is the name of the hypothetical landmass that existed millions of years ago, when all of Earth’s continents were joined as a single supercontinent. We chose this name to represent our mission to unite the four corners of the world online, and to spread your unique message across the internet.
We don’t just offer a product. We care. We operate from a place of gratitude towards all of our clients, because we know our clients sustain us. It’s not enough for us to simply build websites. We seek to create long-term relationships and help your business thrive.
Whether it’s through achieving 5-star reviews on Google or by gaining most of our clients by personal recommendations, we have the knowledge, experience and commitment to make your online campaign a success!

Adam Zonnis, Founder & Owner

Adam has been a professional musician since 2007, having performed at music festivals and other events across Western Canada. You can check out his ongoing musical project at www.zonnismusic.com.
Adam lives in a multi-generational household with his parents, wife, and son near Swan Lake in Saanich, BC.
Prior to working as a web designer, Adam participated in various industries including food and beverage, landscaping, painting, retail, and out-of-school care. He then discovered his true calling: digital marketing. Adam incorporates previous experience into his passion for great design, and he offers real-world wisdom with each of his design projects

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