Terms Of Service

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We collect your email address when you submit using a Pangaea form, but we will never send you spam. We hate spam - except the meat kind. In fact, as web designers, we refuse to build any website or system that promotes spam, no matter how much someone offers to pay us to do so. We will, however, happily consider taking on projects that support spam sandwiches.

We will never, ever, EVER, under any circumstances give, sell, or lend your information to third parties. We will resist torture from the CIA's most seasoned interrogators before we would ever share your info.

We will also never show anyone's explicit images on a website. That's just tasteless. Seriously, what kind of a place do you take this internet for, anyways? We like to keep it classy. But yeah, seriously we will not create websites in support of illegal activity, violence, sexism, racism, plagiarism, fascism, fundamentalism or the Flat Earth Society.

And we promise to never let a client of ours get eaten by dinosaurs. That would just be careless, and we're professionals.

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