Email Marketing

Build a Tribe to Stand the Test of Time

The Most Effective Long-Term Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is one of the early forms of advertising that appeared on the internet. Three decades later it still drives business growth for many entrepreneurs and companies large or small.

By creating a list of willing and engaged recipients, we bridge the gap between you and your potential customers. There is no algorithm to deal with, just a direct line to your target inbox.

We do not send spam! Pangaea only sends quality content that provides value to the readers. By ensuring our campaigns offer top-notch advice, great offers, and engaging copy, we cultivate relationships that will last for years to come.

How Does an Email Funnel Work?

These days, people generally don’t sign up for an email list without a good reason. So we give them a reason to join. Examples include a free e-book, a monthly draw, or a survey that's followed by strategic advice.
We help you to connect with your potential email recipients through social media, Google Ads, organic search results, and via your website.
By using a CRM such as Mailchimp or HubSpot, you can manage your email lists and decide how best to market to your audience.
By only sending out high-quality content that your recipients will find truly valuable, we build trust. Your readers will be happy to receive each and every email you deliver.
When they receive great value from your messaging, people will be happy to hear about discounts and services that you offer. This is how readers become new customers and clients.

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