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Create an Identity that Connects

So what exactly is branding?

The colours you choose, the images you use, and your logo are all part of your visual branding. Visual imagery forms the foundation of any branding package. It allows the public to connect on an emotional level with your business.
Do you offer great service at a premium price? Fast service for cheap? Warranties? House calls? Exclusive deals to select clients? Answering these questions and following consistent behaviours across your business will help to create a strong brand.
Who is your target audience? Some businesses market exclusively to those who want to save money. Others target people who make big investments to show their level of attainment. In fact, many of the world’s more successful businesses are built on it selling status symbols. BMWs are notoriously unreliable, and yet the company can charge a premium because of the elite status associated with the brand.
Do you put the environment first? Do you support community initiatives? Vegetarian? Ethical carnivore? Having strong principles will allow you to connect with others who share similar values.

What makes a killer logo?

  • A logo does not need to have meaning. It does not need to be fancy. A logo is just the visual identifier of your business. Complicated designs are hard to recognize compared to basic ones. Most logos are limited to 2 or 3 colours.
  • Because your logo is the “face” of your business, it needs to stand out. During the logo creation process, we research your competition to ensure no other branding is being duplicated. Avoiding common cliches also keeps your image distinct.
  • A logo needs to be clear and legible at all sizes. In this day and age, logos are viewed on a smartphone as often as on a giant billboard. By keeping your logo clean and crisp, with properly sized text, we ensure that it shows well in all situations.
  • Logos must be properly spaced so that they keep the eye moving about within the design. Our well-balanced logos will fit in easily with additional elements.
  • Whether you want to create a premium or accessible look, our eye-catching designs will make your logo creative, striking, and memorable.

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