Print Design

Because Your Business Exists in the Real World

Nothing can replace a physical connection

Despite the boom in digital marketing, flyers, business cards, and pamphlets remain vital forms of advertising.

In fact, Pangaea Web Services got its initial boost through posters. Print marketing connects you with audiences who may not be online, who prioritize tactile senses, and who seek to support local businesses.

Print marketing requires a bit of effort compared to how easy it is to run a digital ad. When you distribute print resources, it means you’re serious!

Choose Your Format

  • There’s no better way to solidify a new relationship than by handing out a business card. It is the hallmark of professionalism. Your card ensures you will be remembered at a later time, when it pops up again.
  • Some businesses, such as home improvement companies, perform exceptionally well with marketing strategies based on mailouts and doorknob hangers.
  • Spread the word all over town by putting up posters. Especially for events and grand openings, posters are an incredibly effective and cost-efficient form of advertising.

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