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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hosting?

Once you have your website built, you need to get it out to the masses. Hosting refers to how your files are stored and distributed across the internet. All websites require hosting. There are literally thousands of hosting providers out there offering varying degrees of quality in their product. I offer hosting through Cloudways VPS, which provides lightning fast performance and options such as a CDN (useful if your audience is worldwide) and automatic backups.

A $50 charge will be applied to deploy a website to hosting other than ours.

Why is good hosting important?

These days, people expect fast websites, even on mobile devices with slow networks. Fast hosting ensures that your viewers will experience great load times. According to a recent survey, slow load times were listed as the worst problem causing people to click away from a website. Don’t let bad hosting bring your website down!

How much does hosting cost?

$30/mo - Basic lightning-fast hosting with up to 10GB storage and 100GB bandwidth (enough for most sites). Additional storage can be purchased for $0.50/GB. We are also responsible for dealing any hosting related issues that may arise.
$70/mo - Includes up to 1 hour of content updates. Perfect if you want small regular changes to your website.

Please note that you will additionally have to purchase a domain name, which costs around $20 annually. We do not provide this service except by special request.

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